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About Our Company

SPORT-BOAT is well-known scientific and industrial enterprise in Ukraine. Having more than 20 years of experience, the company's specialists accumulated enough knowledge and production technologies so that each boat meets the quality standards, reliability and functionality. A wide variety of models and a variety of options for their equipment allows each user to find his boat. Boats SPORT-BOAT are still growing in demand. The popularity of our boats is not the fruit of advertising but a consequence of the buyers recognition of their excellence among boats of this category. We sincerely hope that, if you opt for one of the boats SPORT-BOAT, you will receive maximum pleasure and many years of use.

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Maximum security

Durability achieved through "overlapped" seams using hot glue technology under pressure and additional gluing outside and inside the belts, 2-4 (depending on the model) independent sealed compartment, anti-slip.


Product quality is a priority of our enterprise SPORT-BOAT. With consistent, focused, hard work on the introduction of new advanced technologies experts of within the business was achieved.


Functionality, safety, reliability and, of course, comfort is determined not only by the technology, but also the properties of the materials used. The materials used are the foundation of the boat. For the manufacture o


All the goods shown on the site, have an extended the manufacturer's warranty. On all boat (including sealing seams airtight inflatable cylinders and glued all the elements), this warranty period is 36 months from the da







We do with love - sell with pride!

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We are proud of our network of highly qualified sales representatives who will serve you at the highest level.
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